Concordia Labels

Eshuis is a member of the Concordia Labels Group. This collaboration, which rose from friendship, exists since 1995 and is set up by a number of leading label converters from Europe.

Major clients request global distribution and backup possibilities as well. Through mutual collaboration and sharing of knowledge we can offer our clients significant benefits:
- Purchasing power (> 50 million m2 self-adhesive)
- Knowledge of the market
- Innovation
- Logistics and service
- Outstanding product mix
- Multi-page labels and separate constructions
- Holograms, RFID and labels for security and identification
- Guarantees for back up
- European coverage
- Synergy
These cooperating companies share the same passion and philosophy; high quality in products and service: “Satisfying the needs of multinational customers.”
Concordia in Latin means “union”, which defines the spirit of the association; the willingness of the members to cooperate amongst themselves, to give better products and services, at the same time, establishing a strong link of partnership with their customers. 

Sallustius: "With cooperation small things grow. Without it, even the greatest things fall apart."

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