Sachet foil

A striking example of a flexible solution: sachet foil. Manufactured from rolls, composed of multiple materials, and striking on account of its unique properties. Sachets provide maximum protection against moist, odors, and even light. That is why this type of packaging is used for soups and sauces, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and dairy products.

Why use sachet foil?
- it is a unique, striking and versatile type of packaging
- maximum product protection
- suitable for many products in the food industry, among other things
- fast and efficient packaging

Why Eshuis?
- customized delivery times
- digital or offset printing: top quality!
- a minimum of preparation costs
- quantities from 1 to 10 million
- technical expertise and advice on suitable foil
- standard foils available from stock
- sachet models can be viewed in an online database
- possibilities for printing-on-demand