One-stop to your innovative package

The Dutch Packaging Association (DPA) is a collaborative group of experienced packaging specialists, each of which puts in their innovative, specific expertise for the attainment of a successful packaging solution.

DPA answers costumer-specific packaging questions and pragmatically and rapidly solves problems of brand producers. With the DPA you have a one-stop-model of independent suppliers with one point of contact. This coordinator unburdens and takes charge of the project management. You are completely free in the choice of suppliers.
Experience and knowledge united
DPA organizes dynamic, inspiring sessions for the development of your innovative packaging. For every challenging issue we present solutions from different disciplines to you. Our companies unite knowledge and experience: from design to filling line and presentation on the market. We have the answers for every packaging issue and in every possible market.
Creative, pragmatic and efficient
Short lines and good cooperation within the chains ensure that DPA can work creatively, pragmatically and efficiently. We anticipate all the aspects of a package and are a source of information for all the possible methods and techniques.

DPA stays close to the clients and functions as a ‘flexible shell’ for the client, who can make use of it whenever he needs it.

Our partners within DPA :
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