Instructions for submission and delivery

Eshuis takes care of each step in the prepress process in-house, to ensure that the quality of your printed materials is constantly being monitored. The Eshuis Prepress department uses the latest DTP systems and the latest versions of the Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark Xpress and InDesign. All files received by Eshuis are checked to verify they are processable.

Please submit files that comply with the following requirements:

-> Download the delivery instructions here (EN)

-> Download ici specifications de artwork (FR)

Downloaden Sie hier die Anlieferanweisungen (DUI)

-> Click here for the manual to generate PDF’s (job options)

Eshuis uses special software for packaging designed by EskoArtwork to process the files for problem-free printing on the Eshuis offset/flexo/screen printing presses or for digital printing.
The EskoArtwork Backstage workflow system mainly ensures that repetitive prepress processes are automated and standardized.

The result: shorter processing times, a decrease in use of materials and a reduction of the error risk. In brief, an incredible increase in efficiency.

Eshuis also manages the production of the printing plate for all four printing methods internally.

Offset: Eshuis has a fully automated CTF system for the offset printing plate production.

Flexo: Eshuis also uses a CTP system to produce flexo printing plates. The Cyrel Digital  Imager has greatly increased the quality of this printing method. Highlighted areas that are difficult to manage in flexo in particular are now easy to control.

Screen printing: Eshuis has all the equipment it needs to produce a screen-printing cylinder.

Digital: The digital presses are controlled directly from the Esko platform. The EskoArtwork Kaleidoscope Color Management System (CMS) manages the 4-color section and offers an improved match of the PMS (Pantone Matching System) colors.