Duo label / peal & reseal label

There are several terms for this double layer label: peal & reseal label / twin label  / duo label or sandwich label.

This label is an interesting option if the legally required information does not fit on a standard label. The peal & reseal label gives the ability to triple the information and for instance provide multiple languages on one label. The peal & reseal label has three printable sides and is to open and close several times.

The label can be processed in the same way as a normal self-adhesive label. You don't need to change anything to your labelingmachine. 

Trio label or multipage label.

There is another variation on the above label: the trio label or multipage label.
The name says it all; this label consists of three layers. The middle layer can be printed on both sides so you get a lot of extra space. In total you can use five sides with information and declaration.

The duo or trio labels behave perfectly under special circumstances such as humidity, condensation or the liquid content of the product.

Ask our account manager for the possibilities.


Why use self-adhesive labels?

- they are perfect for maximum product presentation
- many design options
- from simple to extremely high-quality printing
- entirely in line with your wishes
- simple to use in campaigns
- simple to applie on existing labelling lines
- versatile information options
- 3 sides or 5 sides printing options
- resistant to special circumstances

Why Eshuis?

- customized delivery times
- the use of versatile and innovative printing techniques
- quantities from 1 to a 100 million
- label models can be viewed in an online database
- possibilities for printing-on-demand