Once you have discovered the possibilities of (shrink) sleeves, it isn’t hard to think of some original applications.
This versatile type of packaging enables you to provide all-over packaging for your products. The sleeve always takes the shape of your product. Eshuis will provide a magnificent image-defining print.

Why use sleeves?
- attractive product presentation thanks to top-quality printing
- protects the glass surface of bottles and jars
- numerous graphic possibilities, 360 degrees facing!
- perfect gloss, moisture proof and chemical-resistant
- option to include a window
- tamper-evident applications (first user’s guarantee)
- promotional sleeves (to bundle products and/or premiums)

Why Eshuis?
- customized delivery times
- digital or offset printing; top quality!
- a minimum of preparation costs
- quantities from 1 to 10 million
- delivered on rolls and cut
- technical expertise and advice on types of foil
- standard foils available from stock
- possibilities for on-call stock of printed foil
- sleeve models can be viewed in an online database
- possibilities for printing-on-demand